Only in Panama

Copa Airlines and the Tourism Authority of Panama Campaign


Panama is famous for its geographic position, a key conduit for international maritime trade to the World through the Panama Canal. But, is it considered a tourism destination?

Copa Airlines and the Authority of Panama came together to change that.

We needed to increase visits to the country and position Panama as a world-class tourism destination. With 65% of the budget dedicated to an online campaign to encourage sales through a display and search media strategy, but also leveraging social platforms through earned, owned and paid media.


What inspires travel? The answer varies by market.

We performed extensive research on travel habits tapping into Copa Airlines sales trends and drivers, and identified four key markets and their specific interests that can be found in Panama, focusing our voice to speak directly to our consumer.

United States flag United States

Where is Panama?

“I want to discover relaxing beaches, the Panama Canal, history and exotic nature”

Colombia Flag Colombia

The Next Door Neighbor

“My weekend trip interests are shopping, beach and entertainment”

Mexico flag Mexico

The Explorer

“I want to visit the rainforests, walk around Casco Viejo and learn about the history of the country.”

Brazil flag Brazil

The Shopaholic

“I know Panama for affordable shopping, and beautiful beaches like San Blas”


How do we encourage travelers to visit Panama and fly with Copa Airlines to take you there? Intrigue them with creative and messaging that is specific to their interests. Considering every market had different knowledge of Panama, we devised a strategy to expose each to their specific interest, as a gateway to discover all the country has to offer. These interests were assigned into content pillars: Beach, City, Nature, Shopping, and History.

We were able to develop a strategic matrix to provide us with a "guide" on how to focus our creative, and what content pillar should be used to sell Panama in each country. Every single touch point was catered to each user’s specific motive. From the media banner, to the website storefront, seamlessly into other website sections, and ultimately driving ticket purchase.


Only in Panama

Panama’s unique geography, history and economy, proposed unique offerings you can find ONLY IN PANAMA. A place where you can explore the rainforest, the ocean, and the city, all in one day. Walk through streets of cobblestones, while overlooking the most modern skyline in Latin America. And the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise from the Atlantic and set in the Pacific.

We created an ecosystem around the user –display, SEM, SEO, email marketing, traditional print and tv, to social channels– where everything was aligned to the specific content pillar per market to drive interest. Beautiful beaches for Colombia, History for USA, Shopping for Brazil, and Nature in Mexico, among others.

From the content strategy to the media strategy, every touchpoint was strategically positioned to align the concept to the specific interest per market.

Responsive Website

We created an experience that allowed each user to explore our content, making sure their organic behavior wouldn’t change. The website responded with changing storefronts according to user’s destination IP address, to align each country to a unique landing experience that connected directly to their content pillar.

Visit Website

Online Media

A massive effort to bring users to the site involved a media plan with more than 200 banners, 1,800 adaptations, with more than 10 publishers.

Online Media banners showcase

Social Media Strategy

We flew four influencers from our markets to Panama & documented their journey beginning with their flight with Copa Airlines, creating beautiful organic content. They posted on their social platforms and blogs with the hashtag #PanamaStyle, gaining incredible organic reach.

Influencers Amplification

This hashtag gained traction and was elevated to a picture submission contest where users competed to win a trip to Panama and experience their own #PanamaStyle.

Influencers social posts showcase


The results went beyond our expectations! Through the span of six months of campaign, this massive effort involved a team of 30 people, and brought in amazing results not only for Copa Airlines, but for the country.