In 2017 the Caribbean and Mexico were hit with a wave of challenging business circumstances following the destruction of Hurricanes Irma and Maria along with US government travel warnings about travel to Mexico. As a result, sales for Marriott Caribbean and Mexico Resorts were affected negatively. Group sales declined and transient sales decreased. Marriott was faced with the challenge of changing travelers' perception that much of the region was still in business and safe to travel to and positioning themselves for the reopening of damaged hotels in 2018.

App Experience

Users download the app directly to their iOS mobile device. Once in the app they are prompted to identify a flat surface at which to aim the phone. An entry point will appear that allows consumers to walk through the door and be instantly “transported” onto the white sand beaches of the Caribbean or Mexico. Users can then choose from a list of participating resorts from the region, enticing them to experience the luxurious rooms and breathtaking grounds of each resort.

  1. Download the APP

  2. Pick a place

  3. Live the experience

Launch Event

The app launched at an event held in Grand Central Station in New York City. More than 600 guests had the opportunity to engage with the app for a chance to win instant trips. Within two weeks, the app was downloaded 1,200 times.

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Amplifying Awareness

Additionally, the app launched in the Apple App Store and was promoted with supporting elements -including public relations (press release, media interviews), social media content creation and publishing on owned social channels, social media advertising to key markets in the United States (the source market for the campaign), print advertising in family travel-related publications, promotion on Marriott's internal channels, and distribution to Marriott's internal sales teams.

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In just the first 4 weeks of the campaign, we already saw 4.1M impressions, 221K in earned media, and 2.5K app downloads. These are all great indicators of a drastic shift from a negative to a much more positive perception of the hotels in the region.

An Augmented

  • 4.1M
  • 221K
    Earned Media
  • 2.5K
    and Counting