Gathering five talented artists from all over the LATAM region, the idea was to perform the "first ever collaborative mural" with Microsoft Windows 10 Modern Devices as the enabler of the creation and execution process, so that together they could start something new. The mural consisted of five individual pieces done in different parts of Latin America that later on would be mashed up perfectly into one big 360˚ digital piece.


We armed the artists with Windows 10 Modern Devices to help them throughout the ideation, sketching and production of their work.

The way the mural took shape was simple: It all started in Brazil, where the first influencer @DigitalOrganico drew a preliminary sketch on the device that served as a blueprint for his physical piece. After he was done, @intagrafite took sketch to Colombia so that the next artists, @ledania could intertwine perfectly with the piece before hers.

We repeated the step several times until we had five individual physical murals that worked as a whole digitally. And through technology we presented the final experience where users could enjoy the entire piece on a 360˚ VR experience.

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