How do you create awareness for a supernatural show?
Make millions of people believe in the supernatural.


The Innocents is a Netflix show with one key hook: shapeshifting. When the main character is put through emotional stress, she can change her figure into the body of any person she touches.

Our challenge was to promote The Innocents to a Mexican audience, an unknown IP with no prior buzz and no known cast.

We had one goal: make people believe the shapeshifting from The Innocents is real.
And so came our approach: El Mutador de Cine (which translates to "The Cinema Shapeshifter").


We produced a series of videos in a Mexican cinema where a couple’s argument resulted in a supernatural shapeshift just like in the show.

Then we approached two influencers from the paranormal Youtube community and asked them to leak the footage as if they had received it from a fan and gave them full freedom producing and posting their own videos ‘analyzing’ our footage in a way that felt natural to their channel.

And so "El Mutador de Cine" was born.


Within hours of posting, over 40 influencers from the paranormal Youtube community had already made their own videos on our footage, including Dross: the biggest influencer in this community with over 16 million subscribers. This sparked a wave of user-generated content including reactions, commentary, and even an animated parody which started popping up from all over the region including Mexico, Argentina and even Brazil.

Our produced videos, influencer videos and UGC created a lot of social media discussion around what was now known as “El Mutador de Cine”. Many people started connecting the dots and tying the footage back to The Innocents, and the discussion and controversy around the veracity of the video sparked a great deal of conversation around the show.

Everyone knew what The Innocents was now.


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