Guitig Limonada

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How could we make people aware of all the brand-new flavors Güitig had to offer while maintaining the image of one of Ecuador’s favorite brands?
  • Güitig Limonada is a product co-created with the consumers
  • Through social listening, we discovered the opportunity to create a new flavor based on our social media community's comments
  • The launch campaign was digital and due to its great results, was expanded to other media
  • Sampling was done with our most loyal fans who were the first to try the new product
  • QR codes were printed on the packaging to engage real-time feedback, consumer culture, and satisfaction levels related to the product
  • 334% leads
  • 103% engagement
  • 229% reach
  • We achieved our goal of positioning the product as the perfect companion for meals (with a highlight on seafood)
  • Sales goals doubled compared to the brand’s main competitor