• Explore paradise
    on your phone
  • Uncover our amazing
    locations in Mexico
    and the Caribbean
  • Launch event in
    Grand Central NYC
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  • Breaking
    The internet with
    itatí cantoral
  • For the launch of Netflix Orange is the New Black Season 4, we sent the most iconic meme-worthy telenovela villain of all time to prison.
  • 40MM Combined Views
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  • Microsoft + Instagrafite
    Collaborative mural
  • As part of our #IniciaAlgoNuevo, we brought together Microsoft and @Instagrafite in a partnership to create the first ever 360° collaborative mural as a way to highlight the power of 2 in 1 devices.
  • 14 Million
    Reached on Instagram
  • 5 Street artist from
    4 different countries
Look left/right/up/down
  • GoPro HERO4
    ready to rest drive
    in 17 Marriott hotels
  • #ViajeGenial #GoPro
    300K video views

Learn how we applied our social muscle to conceptualize this cutting edge multi-channel program.

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