Lays Papartido

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Connecting with the audience is increasingly difficult and traditional campaigns are no longer enough to stand out. Lay's is not exempt from this situation and needed an innovative strategy to strengthen its relationship with consumers.
  • We take advantage of the ULC license to create authentic, innovative and completely digital content: the first ULC PepsiCo podcast in Latam.
  • We brought together the most iconic commentary duo of the ULC in Latin America, to launch "El Papartido".
  • We generate 39 episodes with highlights, analysis, special guests and exciting debates during each day of the Champions League.
  • We built a creative campaign under the concept No Lay's No Papartido.
  • We enhance brand-user interaction through a completely new digital encounter.
  • +3.6MM Organic Impressions..
  • +300% New subscribers.
  • +49K Hours watched.
  • +17K Interactions.
  • +9.17 AVE VTR. Lay’s benchmark is 25 seconds.