We are executives, geeks, digital pioneers, and hackers united to create marketing strategies that combine great creative and technologies to connect global brands with people in ways that will move the business needle.


  • Picture of Alexandre Hohagen
    Alexandre Hohagen
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Picture of Jayson Fittipaldi
    Jayson Fittipaldi
    Co-Founder and Chief Creative
  • Picture of Pedro Cabral
    Pedro Cabral
    Chairman Partner
  • Picture of Sergio Montes
    Sergio Montes
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Picture of Leandro de Paula
    Leandro de Paula
    VP Operations
  • Picture of Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez
    Chief Client Officer
  • Picture of Joa Tous
    Joa Tous
    Creative Director
  • Picture of Milette Rosario
    Milette Rosario
    Social Media Director
  • Picture of Santi Miculitzki
    Santi Miculitzki
    Senior Art Director
  • Picture of Norma Alvarez
    Norma Alvarez
    Account Director
  • Picture of Kemily Ahmed
    Kemily Ahmed
    Senior Media Manager
  • Picture of Natasha Paschoarelli
    Natasha Paschoarelli
    Head of Strategy
  • Picture of Angel Van Der Biest
    Angel Van Der Biest
    Senior Content Creator
  • Picture of Ariel Hernandez
    Ariel Hernandez
    Head of Product

Our Mission

Continuously innovate to make marketing more efficient, direct, relevant and sharable for some of the world's leading companies. Be pioneers in social-centric marketing.

Our Vision

Engaging consumers directly and providing technology platforms for consumers to scale that engagement results in the most efficient marketing to date.

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Better marketing is social at the core!